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Eliminating racism. Empowering women. Our mission lives in the soul of everyone at YWCA, because we demand a world of equity and human decency. We envision a world of opportunity. We commit ourselves to the work of justice. Every day, we get up and do the work.  To that end, YWCA Greater Miami-Dade is excited to launch our YWeCount census campaign –  working with all the parents we serve and our supporters like you to understand the importance of participating in and ultimately completing the Census 2020.

We count because the U.S. Constitution requires that every person living in the United States is counted every 10 years. So many in our neighborhoods may not get counted out of fear or inability to communicate, and we are committed to helping all the mothers, daughters and their families counted this spring.

We count because the census serves as the basis for distributing $45 billion in Miami-Dade County for federal assistance to many programs we run:
– early education and health programs, including Head Start and Early Head Start
– school meal programs/SNAP
– Medicaid
– special education grants and other health care assistance program

We count because completing the census is important, confidential and easy to do:
– it determines where crucial resources are needed
– responses are protected by federal law
– can be completed online or by phone and in multiple languages

This year, you can respond onlineby phone, or by mail, using your 12-digit Census ID you received in the mail. If you do not have your 12-digit ID, you can use your home address instead.

Phone lines are open every day from 7am to 2am EST at the following numbers:

  • (844) 330-2020-English 
  • (844) 468-2020-Spanish 
  • (844) 477-2020-Haitian-Creole 
  • (844) 474-2020-Portuguese 

Finally, stay up to date on the progress of your city’s response at 2020census.gov/response-rates and encourage your neighbors and colleagues to spread the word.

Remember, you can respond online right now at https://my2020census.gov/ and be finished in less than ten minutes.

You can help make our YWeCount Census Campaign a success by getting involved:


April 1 is National Census Day and we need to ensure everyone gets counted! We need your help in spreading awareness to your family and friends!

  • Ask them to Take the Pledge to take the 2020 Census
  • Share a photo of yourself with our selfie sign using #YWeCount on social media about why Census 2020 is important to you
  • Download and Share our Census Resources listed below by your preferred language to family and friends to help them understand the importance of taking the Census

Take Action

  • Pledge to take the Census and help us reach 2,020 committed to being counted!
  • Share a photo of yourself with  Selfie Sign #YWeCount on social media about why Census 2020 is important to you

Census Resources |Recursos del censo| Resous Resansman