YWCA Women in Tech Program Empowers Women to Acquire Valuable Skills, Overcome Financial Challenges and Pave Their Way Into the Tech Industry.

The YWCA South Florida offers a range of self-paced, free certification programs known as Google Certificates. These certificates are designed to provide individuals with practical skills and knowledge in various fields, enhancing their career prospects and job readiness. The self-paced nature of these programs allows learners to study at their own pace, making them suitable for individuals with diverse schedules and commitments. Whether you’re interested in IT support, data analysis, project management, or other areas, Google Certificates offer a flexible and accessible way to gain valuable skills without the financial barrier.

The Women in Tech program is specifically tailored to support women who are encountering financial barriers, hold a high school diploma or equivalent and possess a strong motivation to learn and venture into the world of technology. The self-paced structure of these certificates ensures that even those with busy schedules or other commitments can access high-quality tech education. By offering free and flexible learning opportunities, we aim to empower women to acquire valuable skills, overcome financial challenges, and pave their way into the tech industry.


  • Resumes, interview prep, time management, business etiquette, finance & budgets, business basics, wage negotiation, networking, LinkedIn, and MORE!
  • Students also receive soft skills training, including situational workplace judgment, active listening, communication skills, and problem-solving Hard skills, such as technical training, are required to get a job but people skills will open future doors and assist in sustaining and building relationships.

*Some certificates may be available in Spanish.

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If you have any questions, contact our team at gmunozsoto@ywcasouthflorida.org