Matched Savings Program

YWCA South Florida’s Matched Savings Program promotes economic empowerment by teaching the power of saving.

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YWCA’s Matched Savings Program is designed to help participants build assets and achieve financial goals. Each participant earns a dollar in matching funds for every dollar saved. They can earn a maximum amount of $1,000 by building the financial empowerment skill of saving.

All Matched Savings clients must participate in a minimum of four financial education and training workshops. YWCA South Florida’s Economic Empowerment Workshops equip women (also available to men) with the tools needed for financial literacy. We also offer a range of workshops and classes online to empower the financial growth of women and men. This includes financial literacy for those who need a basic understanding of the economic system. We have a number of partners that allow us to offer career development opportunities in a number of high-need fields like technology.


Youth Savings Program

YWCA South Florida also offers an opportunity for teens between the ages of  13-18 to enroll in a  savings program. Our savings program will match teens up to $300. In order to be eligible, you must have a savings account at any bank of your choice, opened in the teenager’s name.

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