Empower HER

Created in November 2017 by Owner Stephen Ross and Dolphins players, the Football Unites program grants provide funds for South Florida-based groups to strengthen and expand their impact around community engagement, education and justice reform.

Thanks to a generous grant from Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and the Dolphins players, YWCA of Greater Miami-Dade, Inc. is a 2018-2019 grantee of the Football Unites program. With this funding, the rebranded Empower HER series will engage women and girls to be social advocates and commit their time, talent and treasure to achieving social justice in Miami. The series will empower women through community building, self-care, and empowerment by teaching them how to shift unjust systems. Empower HER will focus on the policies, systems, and institutions in the Miami region and beyond. The goal of the series is to make sure all systems work for everyone they serve, women and men.

Calendar of Events