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Teen 360 Broward

YWCA’s Teen 360 Broward offers at-risk Middle and high schoolers an entrepreneurial program that teaches you how to build out your LLC, broad, intellectual, practical skills that demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge and concepts related to identifying business opportunities, evaluating ideas, assessing the markets, and exploring risks and rewards.


For more information on joining Teen 360 Broward, please email criley-gooden@ywcasouthflorida.org or kjones@ywcasouthflorida.org.





Teen 360 Miami

For many students, the process of figuring out which school best fits their needs is an overwhelming and confusing task. YWCA’s Teen 360 Miami Program transforms this experience into an enriching and fun adventure. The program offers college tours that allow students to hear detailed admissions presentations, tour the campuses they plan to make their four-year homes, and career exploration that includes the gaming industry and much more!





The video gaming industry is big business; their $46.5 billion earned in 2014, dwarfed the earnings of big industries like the NFL ($11 billion in 2014) and the global movie industry ($39.1 billion in 2014). By the end of 2014, there were many world championships for various video games with prize pools well over a million dollars. Teen 360 Miami Dade also offers a gaming program for middle and high schoolers to learn about the gaming industry, how to create content with drones virtually and in our 8 to 80 zone.

For more information on joining Teen 360 Miami, please email gmunozsoto@ywcasouthflorida.org.