YWCA South Florida Influencers

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YWCA is a movement of leaders that challenge the institutional and structural barriers of their time.

For over 100 years, multiple generations of YWCA women have harnessed their collective power to enhance the opportunities and improve the lives of young women, particularly those most socially and politically vulnerable.

In South Florida, there is a need for young women to prepare for the future. YWCA South Florida Influencers Council is a volunteer council of women (aged 21-40) who supports the work of YWCA. The Council mobilizes young women to action in support of the YW movement through volunteerism, fundraising, and activities that foster personal and professional development.

We believe that younger women have the potential to refresh and reinvigorate our movement and its vision for a more socially just world.

Join and work with women who believe in social justice with action. It’s the leadership opportunity of a lifetime. If interested, send an email with your resume development@ywcasouthflorida.org to schedule your interview.