Community Justice Challenge – How the Challenge Works

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How the Challenge Works

YWCA’s Community Justice Challenge is a month-long community-learning session in which participants enjoy daily virtual learning experiences, such as reading relevant articles, listening to podcasts, viewing trending videos, reflecting on individual experiences, and other motivational opportunities. South Floridians can join as a group, a company or individually, but we will embark on this learning journey together. 

Once registered, the participant will receive an email with links to download the challenge app and more information.

Before the challenge starts on April 17, 2023, participants will download the Community Justice Challenge App for their phone/tablet or log into the challenge website. Once the challenge begins, they are presented with impactful challenges that populate over the four-week initiative, including:

  • Reading relevant articles
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reflecting on personal experiences and more

The challenge is structured around four themed weeks. Participants will receive content each weekday over the four-week period.

  • Week 1: Disability
  • Week 2: Housing
  • Week 3: Music
  • Week 4: Mental Health

New content is delivered to your phone or email each weekday and will include ideas to move forward and take action. The online platform offers a discussion board space for participants to reflect, share and interact with others in a safe and respectful forum.

Participation in this experience helps us discover inequalities in our community and advance our understanding of equity and justice in everyday life.

This challenge is not about changing beliefs but about learning ways to change systems that currently leave groups of people behind. Together, we can find common ground to be good citizens who care for one another and our community. In a time when so much calls us to divide, let’s rediscover the collective power of unity.

Learn together. Grow together. Advance equity together.