FIU Miami Black Womxn’s Forum

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FIU Miami Black Womxn’s Forum

March 15, 2023 all-day
$0 – $15

Led by the Women’s Center at FIU and established in July 2020the Miami Black Womxn’s Forum was created to not only call attention to issues directly affecting Black womxn in South Florida, but to create an environment where Black womxn and advocates can connect, bond, and network.   

The theme this year is Phenomenal Womxn: Defying the Odds. The theme focuses on Black-identifying womxn who are creating transformative change in the FIU and South Florida communities. The focus is to build community amongst Black womxn on campus and South Florida to cultivate collective action and resistance to obstacles that seek to define them by truly defying the odds through scholarship, service and social justice efforts.

Our board members, Stacy-Ann Smith and Vania Laguerre, will be speaking and participating on a panel during the event. View the full event schedule.