YWCA Collaborates with Ulta Beauty on “Pretty Empowered” Youth Empowerment Event in South Florida

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YWCA Collaborates with Ulta Beauty on “Pretty Empowered” Youth Empowerment Event in South Florida

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In alignment with its mission to empower women and promote justice, YWCA South Florida, in collaboration with Ulta Beauty, hosted the “Pretty Empowered” event on Saturday, Oct. 14. As part of a larger, same-day multi-state youth empowerment initiative by YWCA chapters across the nation, the South Florida initiative united over 60 girls aged nine to 14, along with 22 dedicated volunteers from Ulta Beauty.

The day was filled with confidence and leadership-building sessions, as well as hands-on activities focused on cosmetic science and supply chain logistics to provide young girls with a platform to explore their potential and nurture their self-confidence. The engaging programming underscored the significance of leadership development, STEM exploration and overall wellness, encouraging girls to aspire to greater heights in their personal and professional lives.

Kerry-Ann Royes, president and CEO of YWCA South Florida, expressed her gratitude for Ulta’s generous support, emphasizing the alignment of Ulta’s mission with YWCA’s initiatives. 

“By investing our time and resources into our girls, we are investing in the future leaders of South Florida,” Royes stated. “We have seen time and again over our 100+ years how empowering girls can change the future of an individual, their family and our community.”

Amiee Bayer-Thomas, Ulta Beauty’s Chief Supply Chain Officer and a current board member of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, highlighted the importance of providing opportunities for young girls, especially in fields like STEM, where they are underrepresented. 

“Being a woman in the supply chain, I fully acknowledge and understand how important it is to advocate and invest in education and career-building opportunities,” Bayer-Thomas emphasized.

The nationwide event, which was also held in Chicago, St. Louis, and Glendale, Calif., saw the active participation of over 100 Ulta Beauty associates and volunteers, serving as role models and inspiring the girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. The collaborative efforts between our organizations underscored the significance of providing young women with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in all facets of life.

Click below to view photos from this event and witness the impactful moments captured during this inspiring effort.


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