The 2023 Community Justice Challenge Recap

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The 2023 Community Justice Challenge Recap

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The 2023 Community Justice Challenge may be over, but what it’s left us with will live on forever. We’ve shared countless impactful conversations. We’ve made all-new and enlightening discoveries. Most importantly, we’ve forged bonds that will help us create a stronger, more equitable South Florida for all. Thank you for making this year’s challenge another immense success!

Over just 21 days, our community united in an eye-opening experience focused on important issues that affect our society today.

We uncovered challenges faced by community members with disabilities.

During Disability Week, our community focused on disability rights and justice. Throughout the week, we explored eugenics, the Disability Rights Movement, the intersection of race and disability and more. The conversations we shared emphasized the importance of advocating for and prioritizing the rights of differently-abled individuals in creating a more equitable and just society.

We explored redlining and how discrimination breeds homelessness.

In Housing Week, we learned about redlining’s effects on housing access and discrimination’s role in homelessness and its criminalization. Our discussions empowered the community and encouraged legislation that ensures all citizens have safe and stable living conditions without marginalization.

We learned of the triumphs and challenges of POC musicians.

The third week of the Challenge of Music Week, and we explored various topics in the music industry, including the legacy of POC creators, the presence of racism and discrimination, cultural appropriation, music education access and more. In our lessons, we gained a greater understanding of the challenges faced by POC industry professionals and the symbiotic relationship between racial identity and musical expression.

We sought to understand and promote mental wellness in our society.

We closed our 2023 Community Justice Challenge with Mental Health Week, focusing on mental health and its intersection with social justice issues. Topics included the historical roots of mental health stigma and discrimination, access to mental health care, as well as mental health in the classroom and the trans community. Resources were provided for each day’s topic to educate and empower individuals to support mental health and create a culture of wellness.

Join us as we keep the conversations going in Beyond 21!

This year’s challenge has reached its close, but our work is far from over. Join us and our South Florida community as we continue these critical conversations in Beyond 21.

Whether you participated in the Community Justice Challenge or just looking to get started, you’re welcome to join us in these exciting opportunities:

All The RAGE Book Club

Have you heard the news? All The RAGE is returning! YWCA South Florida is excited to host our second annual racial and gender equity book club, and we hope you’ll join us. 

This year’s virtual book club meetups will be hosted via Zoom from 2-3 p.m. on the last Wednesday of every month starting in June. Visit to learn more about this year’s club and view our upcoming monthly reads!

Social Justice Movers

For more than a century, YWCA South Florida has been on the front lines of many of our nation’s most pressing social justice issues. Are you ready to join us in the fight?

By becoming an official “Justice Mover,” your support will propel social justice and empowerment in our communities. With a small, but significant $21 monthly donation, YWCA South Florida Justice Movers are an invaluable force for change.

Your contributions directly empower our organization and those we serve in countless ways, including:

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