Join YWCA South Florida’s 2023 Community Justice Challenge

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Join YWCA South Florida’s 2023 Community Justice Challenge

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YWCA South Florida’s Community Justice Challenge officially begins on Monday, April 17, 2023 and registration is now open! This year’s challenge is the action component of YWCA’s greater, ongoing Until Justice Just Is campaign to increase awareness of and action against systemic racism in our society.

Since 2019, the Community Justice Challenge has united YWCAs and people across the nation in virtual learning modules that educate, inspire and rally communities in the fight to end injustice. For four weeks, participants will engage in daily activities posted in the Challenge app and website, where they are encouraged to share stories, discoveries and conversations with the local and national Challenge community, all while allowing participants to move at their own pace.

Each week of the Community Justice Challenge will cover different social justice and equity topics. Weekly topics to be discussed in this year’s challenge include:

Week One: Disability

Dive deep into the Disability Rights Movement; the history of Eugenics; the intersections of gender, race and disability; and COVID-19’s impact on individuals with differing abilities.

Week Two: Housing

Explore how redlining continues to impact housing access and how homophobia, racism, transphobia and other forms of discrimination are driving forces behind homelessness and its criminalization.

Week Three: Music

Learn more about the legacy of musician activists, the cultural appropriation of music, racism in the industry, music’s place in opposing gender stereotypes and the accessibility of music education.

Week Fourr: Mental Health

Discover how psychology has become a tool of marginalization. Educate yourself on mental healthcare access. Uncover discrimination’s impact on mental health.  

Past challenges have seen incredible success and community support as the largest collective learning experience in South Florida. We hope you’ll help join us once again as we work to dismantle racism and discrimination to create equality, equity and opportunities for all. Register today to receive important information and updates leading up to the challenge.

Join the YWCA Community Justice Challenge!

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