Stand Against Racism Challenge Week 3 Recap

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Stand Against Racism Challenge Week 3 Recap

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This past week, we invited you to join the conversation about Understanding Reproductive Justice in our Stand Against Racism Challenge. Thank you to all our Weekly Challenge participants for helping make this educational event a success.

The third week’s topics continue to spark conversations and inspire action by learning about ways to address racial and social injustices. Have you read the following articles in the Miami Herald to support the challenge?

You accepted the week’s challenge to get a better “Understanding of Reproductive Justice.” Our conversations addressed issues revolving around Week 3’s topics:

  • Period Poverty
  • Sex Education
  • Legal Restrictions on Abortion
  • Impact of Abortion Restrictions
  • Defund the Police & Reproductive Justice

Here’s a little about what we’ve learned in Week 3’s Challenge:

Each month, individuals who menstruate need access to hygiene products and resources, but these are not always accessible. Period poverty is inadequate access to period products and menstrual cycle education, especially if they are a part of marginalized communities.

What schools teach about sex, relationships, and our bodies looks different everywhere and reflects the beliefs and values of the culture in which we are raised. However, knowing the basic facts about our body’s work is critical for our health and safety, particularly for women and girls. Learn about how comprehensive sex education helps create equality and form healthy relationships.

We continued to learn when it comes to abortion restriction laws have made it harder for individuals to access reproductive care. It can be easy for Americans to become disengaged with the issue’s complexities. Pro-choice or pro-life, these laws affect us all, even if we don’t know the specifics of what they say. For example, while 92% of Americans favor a law requiring mandatory counseling before an abortion or sex education, only 9% support mandatory ultrasound before receiving an abortion. Another way these laws harm individuals is by disproportionately impacting low-income women, particularly women of color—who do not have the resources to travel to access reproductive care.

The reproductive justice framework is a broader definition of reproductive rights that recognizes that individuals, particularly women of color and LGBTQIA+ individuals, are disproportionately impacted by the multiple systems of oppression that stunt their potential to raise healthy families and participate fully in the American economy. We explored information on how issues around police violence and reproductive justice are connected and why defunding the police is essential for reproductive justice. 

Now that we’ve learned from and listened to the challenge, let’s discuss and take further action.

  • Did you listen to stories from women who had or were denied an abortion and its impact on their lives?
  • Which reproductive justice articles, videos, or podcasts inspired extended conversations with your family, friends, or colleagues?
  • What’s your opinion about how comprehensive sex education helps create equality and form healthy relationships?
  • Did you research legal abortion restrictions in your state?

Let’s talk more about reproductive justice:
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Keep a lookout for your daily email challenges such as reading an article, listening to a podcast, reflecting on personal experience, etc. We’ll continue to explore how racial and social injustices have impacted our community and discuss ways to dismantle them.

Week 4 – What is Critical Race Theory

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