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YWCA South Florida Joins Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Archewall Foundations 40×40 Program

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YWCA South Florida is joining the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s effort to promote the Archewell Foundation’s 40×40 program. As Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday this month and year, she launched the 40×40 message. The 40×40 program challenges people everywhere to contribute 40 minutes of their time to improve their community. Specifically, providing community service or mentorship that supports women reentering the workforce.

Covid-19 exposed the cracks in our current system that devalues the work of care providers which is primarily a female workforce. Women also shoulder the brunt of unpaid labor, including schooling and caring for family members. As returning to a system that has been decimated is a challenge, the Archewall foundation, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s project created a program to help women gain confidence and tools to join the workforce on their terms. The 40×40 message is designed to encourage people to donate 40 minutes of their time to community service or mentorship to motivate and inspire women. The program aims to provide practical tools women need to advance a professional life they will thrive in.

What can you give?

There is so much knowledge we can pass down. Things you may feel are simple, can be life-changing. Consider helping someone understand how to apply to college. Discussing how you were able to apply for student loans that were not predatory, to get the degree they want.  Helping someone in need with a resume. Setting boundaries for yourself while doing remote work. If working toward self-employment, how to apply for a business license and how to plan for taxes.

Join YWCA South Florida’s effort to empower women reentering the workforce by filling out our online registration to give 40 minutes of your time to a woman re-entering the workforce. We will work to identify opportunities for community service or mentorship for interested individuals who register. Your participation in this program will change someone’s life!

You can also help spread the message by sharing or reposting our 40×40 social media posts. Use the #40×40, #CompassionInAction, and #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen.

If you would like to contribute financially, please donate to our local efforts.