A Letter from YWCA South Florida’s CEO

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A Letter from YWCA South Florida’s CEO

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To our Friends, Family, and Community,

While we await uncertain election results, some things are clear. Half of our country will be disappointed. They may feel despair and hopelessness. But no matter who wins, now is the time to unite. We must work together as one because the progress must continue

Together, we will strengthen our community. Together, we will demand a world of equity and human decency. Together, we will create opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are left, right or somewhere in between. Together, we will be champions for social justice.

Our work at the YWCA South Florida must go on and our voices must remain at the forefront of important decisions to ensure a better future for all. We stand ready to work with all elected officials to increase support for nonprofit programs and services and move South Florida forward, especially for women and people of color.

We will work to improve economic security for women, prevent gender-based violence and support survivors, ensure access to health care, protect immigrants, and eliminate policies and practices that criminalize people of color. When necessary, we will fervently oppose policies and halt legislation that may harm or oppress women, girls, and communities of color.

I am heartened by the overwhelming numbers of voters as it is a giant step forward in the march toward change. In Florida, 40% more voters raised their voices. Miami-Dade County elected its first woman as county mayor: Daniella Levine Cava. We know that women’s leadership can change history. These firsts truly matter.

As we have been doing for the past 100 years, YWCA South Florida will continue to build and create spaces for us to thrive together. I invite each of you to join us. We will raise our voices, strengthen our resolve and make social justice a reality. We will get up and continue to do the work until injustice is rooted out, until institutions are transformed, and until justice, just is.

You can help fund community programs and services through the annual giving campaign, Give Miami Day 2020. Donate starting Monday, November 16 or create a Champion page to fundraise for our organization. With your support, YWCA South Florida will continue to change lives, eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Thank you,

Kerry-Ann Royes
CEO, YWCA South Florida