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Join us for a conversation on women in sports

JULY 21st · 6 PM Eastern Time

Diverse representation and inclusive learning environments provide inspiration and aspiration and help people believe, ‘I can be there, or I can achieve thought leadership in the profession I choose.’”
Not only does increasing DEI give people the opportunity to visualize a successful future, it also exposes them to more ideas and information.

A diversity of perspectives produces a more energized and dynamic world. People with different life experiences ask different questions. They enrich dialogs, which ignites disruption of the status quo, which fuels the creation of new knowledge, innovation and deeper understandings.

Join us for a conversation on women in sports before we kick off the 2021 Olympics this summer with:

  •  RaShauna Hamilton, Miami Dolphins
  • Sonja N. Robinson, Ph.D., Former NCAA Director of Inclusion
  • Clara Stroude-Vazquez, Chief of Culture & Inclusion, Miami Heat
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